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Gas Grill Plate Bench Mounted

Silverline Gas Grill Plate Bench Mounted

Stainless steel panels
Solid steel frame
Compact size and flush finish
Polished mild steel plate
Efficient cast iron burners
AGA approved multi-setting gas valve
Piezo ignition
Removable spillage tray
One year limited parts and labor warranty

Model Number Description Dimensions W x D x H (mm)       LPG Consumption (MJ; BTU)

SLGRP-2 BM            300mm grill             300x750x337                                   28.6; 27,000
SLGRP-4 BM            600mm grill             600x750x337                                   57.2; 54,000
SLGRP-6 BM            900mm grill             900x750x337                                   85.8; 81,000

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