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Winterhalter Hood Type Dishwashing PT-500

Winterhalter Hood Type Dishwashing PT-500

Winterhalter Hood Type Dishwashing PT-500
Winterhalter Hood Type PT-500 Professional Pass Through Dishwashing - Simply Brilliant Cleaning

Winterhalter presents the PT-500, a new pass-through dishwasher which produces excellent cleaning
results quickly and efficiently due to new components and innovations. The PT-500 is easy to
operate and its sophisticated, ergonomic design reduces staff workload but still delivers hygienically
clean results, even for long working days.

PT-500 by Winterhalter is a warewasher that impresses with reliability and efficiency in every way.

Get great cleaning results, quickly

Short programme times
You can choose one of three programmes depending on the degree of soiling: short, standard and intensive. With active energy management, the machine has an hourly capacity of up to 68 racks in the short programme.
Winterhalter Hood Type Dishwashing PT-500
Reduced heating times
The active energy management also makes optimal use of the available energy to prepare the machine for rapid operation That reduces the heating time by up to 50 %. As a result, PT-500 is
ready for operation far faster than other passthrough dishwashers.

Complete coverage
The new elliptical wash fields with speciallydeveloped jets ensure comprehensive washing power, which give brilliant cleaning results throughout the entire machine. In spite of the low rinse water volume, perfectly hygienic results can be guaranteed even for dishes with stubborn soiling.

Effective filtration
The PT-500 is equipped with a quadruple filtration system. Food residue and soiling are trapped by the strainer which has a removable sieve. The Mediamat also removes fine impurities such as coffee grounds using centrifugal force. The pump inlet filter provides additional reliability.

HighTemp – washing with high temperatures
The intensive programme meets special hygiene requirements with higher temperatures.

Impresively Easy To Operate

Extremely easy to use
Winterhalter Hood Type Dishwashing PT-500To ensure untrained, frequently changing staff can learn to use the machine quickly, PT-500 has
a colour-coded display showing the various machine states; heating, washing and standby. Selected washing programmes are also started using the single-button control or automatic
hood start. The unique, ergonomic hood handles support effortless operation of the machine especially on long working days.

Integrated control functions
PT-500 has numerous control functions which further reduces staff workload. Tank and boiler temperatures can be shown on the display at any time. Simple symbols warn the personnel when there is a lack of detergent and rinse aid. A leak sensor monitors uncontrolled water outflows
and shuts off the machine's water inlet. Thus PT-500 guarantees process reliability and
prevents resulting damage.

Time-saving hygiene concept
A deep-drawn tank, a hygiene tank heater and a hygiene rear panel prevent limescale and dirt deposits. These components guarantee that the interior of the machine is clean at all times. In addition, the self-cleaning programme considerably reduces kitchen staff workload.

Winterhalter Hood Type Dishwashing PT-500

Winterhalter Hood Type Dishwashing PT-500

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