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Winterhalter Potwasher GS-500 Series

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-500 Series

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-500 Series
Winterhalter Professional Potwasher GS-500 Series – Powerful and flexible

The GS 500 series from Winterhalter provides the rack pass through dishwasher most suitable to your individual needs. The classic GS 502 and GS 515 models are perfect for restaurants, hotels or smaller kitchens. With the Energy or Energy+ energy-saving versions, you get the same washing capacity and an additional, innovative energy recovery system. And for extreme capacity fluctuations or a constantly larger throughput, there is the GS 500 TwinSet series. As you can see: performance and flexibility are key in the GS 500 series. Because results are what count – and with Winterhalter
they are always brilliant!

With an intelligent integrated concept consisting of machine technology,
detergent products, water treatment and accessories, Winterhalter delivers hygienically clean washing results. Trust the specialist for professional warewashing systems.

GS 502 / GS 515 – High washing power, economical operation

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-500 Series
Winterhalter GS 502 / GS 515 dishwashers leave nothing to chance. From their 100% hygienic, double-skinned machine anatomy and systematic wash water filtration to the outstanding washing power of their collision wash jets – these machines are made to deliver optimal cleaning results. And you can rely on Winterhalter to be economical as well. Because energy and water consumption are among the most important factors for deciding which commercial dishwasher to purchase, Winterhalter has developed economy models with »intelligent resource technology« (irt). New processes reduce the consumption of resources such as electricity, water, detergent and rinse aid. They reduce your operating costs permanently.

GS 515 – The powerhouse in XXL format

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-500 Series
GS - 515
With its impressive XXL washing area, the GS 515 enhances the proven GS 502 concept it is based on. With more total width, now 735 mm, and an unobstructed input height of 440 mm, the XXL accommodates large dishes such as pizza plates and trays. The GS 515 naturally goes all out when it comes to washing power. A total coverage washing system with reversing washing arms delivers concentrated power in all three programmes. Even the toughest dirt is washed away. Like the GS 502, the GS 515 is equipped with single-button operation. And with the option of either a straight or corner variant, Winterhalter provides an XXL machine that is perfectly adapted to your washing kitchen.

GS 500 Energy series / GS 500 Energy+ series – Full steam ahead for savings

Moist, warm water vapour escapes each time clean dishes are unloaded – valuable energy that disappears into thin air. The GS 502 Energy / GS 515 Energy transform it into real added value using an exhaust air heat exchanger. Because when the hood is closed the machine draws the moist,
Winterhalter Potwasher GS-500 Series
GS-500 / GS-500+
warm water vapour directly from the interior in advance, using its energy to heat the cold incoming water supply. This lowers your energy costs by up to 5250 Euro1) over eight years, and permanently improves the room climate as well.

GS 502 Energy+ / GS 515 Energy+ are additionally equipped with a waste water heat exchanger and also use the energy from their waste water. This increases your savings to up to 7,000 Euro2) over eight years.

GS 501 – The basic model with all the necessary equipment

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-500 Series
The GS 501 with a single-wall hood provides you with all the basic features that a rack pass through dishwasher should have. You also benefit from a consistent hygiene concept with deep-drawn tank, exterior surface heating element and filter system. Simple, correct operation is guaranteed by the Winterhalter programme switch. Practical hood handles support a fast, effective workflow. The removable wash arms make it easy to clean the machine.

In addition to its perfected dishwashing technology, the GS 501 has highpower nozzles that provide evenly distributed, intensive cleaning and thus optimal cleanliness.

The GS 500 TwinSet series – Twice the power, maximum flexibility

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-500 Series
GS-500 TwinSet
The GS 500 TwinSet was specifically designed for businesses that experience extreme capacity fluctuations together with peak utilisation levels. Two identical standard machines that are connected at the hood take care of large quantities of dishes and glasses with double capacity at peak times. As soon as the rush is over, the hoods can be disconnected very easily with one motion. You then continue washing with one machine. That avoids idle runs and saves water, detergent, and power. Since each machine works for itself, the dishes can be separated by type, for example. This makes it possible to coordinate the temperature, detergent and water quality optimally.

The TwinSet provides a special plus for beer glasses: they can be hygienically washed hot, then rinsed cold without slowing down the washing process.

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-500 SeriesWinterhalter Potwasher GS-500 Series

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