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Winterhalter Potwasher GS-600 Series

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-600 Series

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-600 Series
Winterhalter Professional Potwasher GS-600 Series, professional washer for pot, tin and utensil from Winterhalter

Large dishes, high performance – the GS 600 Series is up to the job

Winterhalter dishwashers are an essential partner in everyday use. Whether it‘s glasses, dishes, cutlery or other items – Winterhalter can offer you the appropriate machine. The GS 600 Series is designed for large dishes such as
pots, trays and utensils.

Winterhalter has got the ideal machine to match the size of your kitchen or the needs of your business: from the compact GS 640 and the slimline GS 650 up to the XXL model, the GS 660. All machine models in the GS 600 Series are also available as low-energy versions.

Winterhalter has the perfect solution for your dishwashing needs. Having selected a machine with the appropriate capacity and performance, you will also find a matching selection of racks and accessories as well as water treatment systems and the right detergent products. Trust the specialist for professional washing systems.

Intelligent technology, simple operation – advantages that pay off day in, day out

The GS 600 Series stands for intelligent dishwashing technology with a high level of user friendliness. An ingenious hygiene concept, economical efficiency and high performance are only some of the many outstanding properties that put this series of utensil washers in a class of their own.
Their durability and low operating costs means that a model from the GS 600 Series will definitely pay off for you. Trouble-free, reliable operation and low consumption of resources ensure efficient working procedures that cut costs at the same time.
Compared to washing utensils by hand, using a utensil washer from the GS 600 Series significantly reduces water and energy consumption as well as reducing the number of personnel required. This reduces your operating costs and helps to keep them down.

GS 640 / GS 650 – its slimline body packs a punch
Winterhalter Potwasher GS-600 Series

Utensil washing by machine is possible even if little space is available in the washing kitchen – the GS 640 and GS 650, each only 750 mm wide, prove it. Despite their small dimensions, they can easily cope with the dishwashing volumes that arise in medium-sized caf├ęs and restaurants, fast food outlets, bakeries and confectioners or butchers. Trays, pots and utensils are cleaned without difficulty.

The GS 650 is ideal for bakeries. This model offers a remarkable clear entry height of 830 mm. This additional height bonus means that even tall display trays or baguette racks can be washed in the machine.

What is more, these two models in the GS 600 Series can wash two Euronorm crates up to a max. height of 220 mm in each wash cycle. A specially developed rack insert ensures the crates are positioned at an angle, meaning that the depth of the machine is used to optimum effect and that the remaining dirty water can drain away completely.

GS 660 – Performance goes large

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-600 Series
The GS 660 offers plenty of room in all directions. The XXL model in the GS 600 Series offers impressively generous dimensions: The clear entry height is 830 mm with an overall width of 1380 mm. The GS 660 can be used with ideal results wherever a lot of dishes or large items have to be washed. It has even got enough room for utensils and trays up to 600 mm x 1000 mm.

The GS 660 can deal with three Euronorm crates in one wash cycle. When the machine is equipped with an optional additional rack shelf, it is even possible to wash up to six of the open Euronorm transport racks that are commonly used in bakeries.

A special feature of the GS 660: Detergent and rinse aid containers can be stored in the base frame, thereby saving space.

GS 600 Energy Series – Big savings

Winterhalter Potwasher GS-600 SeriesAs the years go by, its high consumption values can turn a dishwasher into an expensive purchase. Winterhalter‘s innovative products and new features reduce your operating costs significantly. By consistently directing its entire range towards intelligent, resource-saving technologies (irt), Winterhalter demonstrates that economy and sustainability are the highest priorities for the company.

The Energy models of the GS 600 Series successfully put the irt concept into practice by integrating an exhaust air heat exchanger: The moist, warm water vapour is drawn directly out of the machine when the door is closed, and used for heating the cold water supply. This lowers the energy costs each year by up to 10 % and improves the room‘s air quality as well.

Your advantages at a glance:

+ Reduced energy costs:
With the GS 640 Energy and the GS 650 Energy, you can save around 260 Euro per year; the GS 660 Energy will save you up to 280 Euro per year.

+ Excellent air quality:
The heat exchanger reduces the exhaust air temperature by more than 50 percent. The absolute humidity now amounts to only approx. 20 % of the values without exhaust air heat recovery. This permanently improves the room climate.

+ Reduced total connected load:
The total connected load of the GS 640 Energy and the GS 650 Energy can be lowered by 6 kW to a mere 8.4 kW. That of the GS 660 Energy can be lowered to 9.8 kW.

(*) Spesifikasi diatas dapat berubah sewaktu - waktu tanpa adanya pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu

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