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Winterhalter UC Series Under Counter Ware Washer

Winterhalter UC Series Under Counter Dish Washer

Winterhalter UC Series Under Counter Ware Washer
Professional Dish Washer - Winterhalter UC Series Under Counter Dish And Glass Washer, Available in Small, Medium, Large, And Extra Large Size

The UC Series of under counter dishwashers from Winterhalter adapt to your wishes. Because every pub or restaurant has its own character and its very own requirements, from the wash items to the available space. The revolutionary concept of the UC Series makes Winterhalter the first supplier to take this into account.

The dream machine can be customised by using the following three steps:

(*) Step 1:
Winterhalter UC Series Under Counter Dish And Glass WasherFour types for different applications with up to three standard programmes:
- glasswasher
- dishwasher
- bistro dishwasher
- cutlery washer

(*) Step 2 :
Four sizes: S = small, M = medium, L = large, XL = extra large

(*) Step 3 :
Individual equipment: Energy, Cool (glasses), ReTemp (glasses), integrated water softener, rack equipment, four designs for the front of the machine, etc. After the dream machine has been configured, a whole new dimension of dishwashing becomes available to you.

Winterhalter UC Series Under Counter Dish And Glass WasherGlass washing specialist for brilliant results Gleaming clean glasses are the calling card for your establishment. That is why using a professional glasswasher is an absolute necessity. The new generation of Winterhalter machines ensures glass washing at the highest level of hygiene while at the same time being as economic as possible. Four machine sizes to choose from – S, M, L and XL.

A glass is not always simply a glass: a thin-sided wineglass in a bar or restaurant must be treated differently to a pint glass in a pub. That is why the new glasswashers automatically adjust the components for the wash process, in particular, pressure, time, detergent and temperature, by way of
three preset programmes. This guarantees hygienically clean dishwashing results. The programme is selected intuitively with appropriate symbols on the touch screen, greatly reducing operator errors.

The cutlery washers from Winterhalter are a real first. They guarantee hygienically clean washing and cutlery without any visible traces of dirt while saving considerably on time and expense. If fully demineralised water is used, there is no need to waste time in unhygienic polishing, because spotless
cutlery is ready to use at the flick of a switch. These cutlery washers come in four different sizes in order to fit in any sort of space.

In the Winterhalter system, all components contribute to perfect dishwashing results. That is why Winterhalter recommends pre-soaking cutlery in a basin. Special racks ensure that the cutlery is washed standing upright. This guarantees perfect cleaning and drying results.

(*) Spesifikasi diatas dapat berubah sewaktu - waktu tanpa adanya pemberitahuan terlebih dahulu
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