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Three Door Solid Under Counter Refrigerator

Under Counter Refrigerator

Three Doors Solid Under Counter Refrigerator
Professional 3 Doors Solid Under Counter Refrigerator, Chiller or Freezer

Suitable place and advantage :

* Used in all kitchen. We adopt adjustable shelves inside which make food placement easy.
* Refrigerating system is specially designed for Chinesse restaurant of high temperature and high humidity, which could work normally at 40'C.
* In this series, freezer refrigerators are using open type large evaporator. Their refrigerating time is as half as that other refrigerator in market. Fast cooling effect and temperature equalization, make sure the stored food always in low temperature condition, especially when doors are opened frequently.
* Ergonomic design and novel outlook, makes them to be a good choice of professional kitchen equipment project.

Three Door Solid Under Counter Refrigerator

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